What are Cookie Puffs™?
Cookie Puffs™ are Cookie Coated Caramel Popcorn. Cookie Puffs™ come in a variety of different flavors and types of cookies. Our creative development team came up with a unique idea of blending together America's two most popular snack foods, which are Cookies and Popcorn. This idea worked and tasted delicious and alas Cookie Puffs™ were born. Since America has different tastes and dietary preferences, we have developed our Cookie Puffs™ for the Mainstream Snacker, the Natural Snacker and the Vegan Snacker. The result is an addictive snack for all. It is also great as a topping for your favorite frozen dessert!

“Cookie Puffs™” was named 2008 Best New Product at the Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim!